Born and raised in Bulgaria, New York was a dream for me but it seemed across an ocean and impossible. I did cross the ocean and moved to Missouri for college. I received my BA in Studio Art at the College of the Ozarks, of all places. New York was already closer. In 2001 I was given the opportunity to do an internship at a prominent New York post production studio. I saw the magic of retouching and the learning process began. I have been retouching ever since. New York was the door to THE GLOBE and I trotter around it in love of adventures, cultures, history and surf.I believe in always doing my best as the interest of my client is my own. I offer quality, speed, and creative solutions while firmly believing in fair pricing.
Clients often share that I see things in a way they could not, that I bring out the hidden and unexpected. I am lucky and thankful to be making a living by participating in something creative and beautiful.I love what I do and since life is but a dream, I dream of harmony and beauty.
No job is too small, so drop a line!